Sunday, July 5, 2009

Donation for Feisty Princess Charmaine - Part 2

Feisty princess Charmaine has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She is currently in the 4th stage and fighting hard. We are greatly saddened that such a sweet and cheerful little girl has to undergo so much pain and suffering at such a young age.

Today, we are presenting Hello Kitty Snowskin Mooncakes, 100% of all sales generated will be donated towards Charmaine’s medical fund. Each box at SGD$25 consists of 4 different flavours of Hello Kitty Snow Skin Mooncakes, namely, chocolate, pandan, strawberry and plain.
S$25 / 4 pcs. Dimentions: Approximately 6cm
Main Sponsors for this fund raising:
Hwee Hwee:
Pink's Creations:

Donation for feisty princess Charmaine - Part 1

Hand in hand with my dear friends, Eleanor Lim, I've commited 100 boxes of Hello Kitty Snowskin mooncakes.

We are selling S$25 / box

80% of the sales proceeds will be contributed to Charmaine medical fees.

Main sponsors for this fund raising: